Point of Difference helps OM Norway with accommodation for one night

Imagine having a few problems with rest periods for male and female drivers three weeks before a planned trip.

This is what happened to our partner from Teenstreet Norway.

3 weeks before the trip to the Teenstreet 2022 Congress in Holland, our CEO, who is friends with the leader, received a message that they needed a place to stay.

So far so good, our CEO went on social media and tried to make the impossible possible.

A day later came the news from the mayor of the municipality of Moormerland that we could use the gym and thus sleeping places were secured.

So there was still a lot to do 19 days before arrival.
Drawing up a plan for the bathing lake
Finding sponsors: Donating sausages, drinks and food.
And then, of course, talking to the neighbours of the school, because it can get a bit noisy during the day.
What we were happy about was that a lot of the neighbours were understanding.
The 19 days of planning flew by and then came the arrival day.

At 10.00 in the morning, the Norwegian guests left Kristiansand for Hirthals. They made their way to East Frisia.

In the evening, around 8.30 pm, the first Norwegian car arrived. In it was the leader of OM Norway and some young people.
Around 9.30 pm the rest of the convoy arrived.

After a short welcome and a tour of the accommodation, the grill was turned on and sausages were grilled.
When everyone was eating, our CEO Dan said a few words and of course also welcomed the Norwegian and Ukrainian teens who live in Norway.
Afterwards, the evening came to an end in a cosy atmosphere.

The next day, our guests were provided with bread rolls. Before leaving, they still had time to swim.

We are determined to continue supporting the Teenstreet Norway team and OM Norway.

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