New year new challenges

The year starts well again
we are in the target line on the foundation of the organization (is already founded but must also be registered )
but there are once again a few small stones in the way, which must be circumnavigated

we have again a team member more with us for the accounting is responsible
and hope for more support
and then there is still our daily work, which we must not forget
since we all do this on a voluntary basis, it takes a little longer to get it done

our project server is now also ready and also our ERP system is tnun also complete

the next goals are now still that we switch from Windows to Linux but we are still looking for volunteer help
and of course a webdesigner who is familiar with Typo3

we have also already calculated our maiden voyage route and will soon present it in Destination Thursday.
it will be a very nice route that also takes at lasts 14 days
and the first themed cruise is also planned
for this we are still looking for supporters who plan it with us

so this year will be a very eventful year

stay tuned and look forward to more news from Point of Difference

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