Ro Ro Shipping

Point of Difference Ro Ro is your partner in trailer transport.

With our ships we bring your trailers safely to and from Norway and England.

If you would like to have your drivers on board, you can soon visit the Point of Difference Freight website.


When it comes to safe ferry travel, Point of Difference Ferries is your shipping company.
We work every day to ensure that our crew on land and on board are always there for you and that you can rely on us and our ships.

With the Norway – Germany route, we are at home in the north-west of Germany.

We look forward to welcoming you on board.


Point of Difference Cruises is the family cruise line.

Travel the world on small ships.

Don’t sail mass-produced with 4000-6000 people.
With us, a maximum of 2000 people are on board, and there is still room for them.


The school for the next generation of seafarers is the Point of Difference Seaacademy.

An education that is up to date and where you can still see something of the world.
You don’t get that everywhere in the world.

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